Employee Access

An American SaaS Company CredibleBH is engaging medical organizations and agencies to enhance the features of care and lifestyle of people suffering from mental health issues.

Who Can Use CredibleBH Employee Access?


Employee Access Maybe you are also diplomatic for the same concern but don’t because this article is appropriate to reach adequate information on the topic. Medical Agencies, Companies, Organizations and Individuals who are using Behavioral Health EHR software for the easiness of assistance to manage their relationships with clients. That means clients (medical agencies who are part of Crediblebh Group) and own employees of Credible BH Companies can access Crediblebh Employee Access.

Footfalls for Crediblebh Employee Access Process

  1. Both new users and old users can reach the services of the “Credible BH Employee Access” Program
  2. The primary aspect is to look on the “Crediblebh Official Site.”
  3. Once you reach the right destination, explore login tab
  4. Old Employees have their credential for Login; they can enter data (such as password and email with Domain URL)
  5. Go to the next footfall and select Login
  6. Employees who not registered on the platform should require to create an account first
  7. Account creation for Crediblebh Employee Access can be done through “Google Accounts” or “Manually Type Gmail and Password.”
  8. Select “Register” to become the official member of Crediblebh Employee Access Family