CredibleBH is a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions tailored to the needs of behavioral health practices. With its comprehensive range of configurable specifications, CredibleBH empowers healthcare providers to streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and ensure compliance. In this article, we explore the various specifications offered by CredibleBH and their benefits for behavioral health practices.

1- Streamlining Clinical Operations

Assessment Tools for Informed Clinical Decisions

  • CredibleBH provides assessment tools that assist healthcare providers in making informed clinical decisions. 
  • These tools enable evaluating patient needs, tracking progress, and determining appropriate treatment interventions. 
  • Leveraging these assessment capabilities enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of clinical decisions, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Billing

  • CredibleBH ensures 100% HIPAA compliance with its electronic billing capabilities, saving valuable time for healthcare providers. 
  • The seamless integration of electronic billing streamlines the billing process, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency. 
  • With secure and compliant billing practices, providers can focus more on patient care, knowing their billing processes are well-supported.

Real-Time Reporting and Data Visualization

  • CredibleBH allows users to create custom dashboards and generate real-time reports or graphical representations of critical information. 
  • This feature provides healthcare providers with a visual snapshot of their practice’s performance, enabling them to monitor key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. 
  • The ability to visualize data in a clear and customizable manner empowers providers to stay informed and proactively manage their practices.

2- Customizable Clinical Support

Configurable Clinical Support Tools

  • CredibleBH offers flexible setup options for clinical support tools tailored to each agency’s unique needs and workflows.
  • Providers can configure a combination of tools that best align with their practice requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of clinical support into daily operations. 
  • This customization promotes efficiency, reduces redundancies, and enhances the overall quality of patient care.

State Reporting Made Easy

  • CredibleBH simplifies the process of state reporting by automating the necessary documentation and compliance requirements. 
  • Integrating state reporting capabilities allows providers to focus on delivering care while CredibleBH handles the complex task of compiling and submitting accurate reports. 
  • This feature saves time and reduces administrative burden, enabling providers to allocate resources more effectively.

3- Improved Collaboration and Care Delivery

User-Friendly Templates and Documentation

  • CredibleBH offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing templates, making documentation and note-taking more efficient for healthcare providers. 
  • Templates can be customized to align with specific treatment plans or clinical workflows, enabling standardized and comprehensive documentation. 
  • In addition, the ease of template management promotes consistency in record-keeping and facilitates effective communication among care team members.

4- Mobile Capabilities for Flexibility and Accessibility

Mobile Web Applications for Field Work

  • CredibleBH provides enhanced tools and mobile web applications that enable healthcare providers to document, track, and treat clients in the field. 
  • These mobile capabilities allow providers to access essential information, update records, and communicate with colleagues while disconnected from the main system. 
  • Mobile functionality empowers providers with flexibility and accessibility, promoting efficient care delivery beyond the confines of the office.


Q1: Is CredibleBH’s ePrescription module certified by Surescripts?

A1: Yes, it is Surescripts certified for electronic prescribing.

Q2: How does CredibleBH facilitate medication administration monitoring?

A2: Through an electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) system for real-time tracking.

Q3: Can CredibleBH assist with billing configuration and maintenance?

A3: Yes, their team provides support for billing customization and maintenance.

Q4: Does CredibleBH offer training for its users?

A4: They provide real-time, web-based training sessions to utilize the system effectively.


CredibleBH’s comprehensive specifications empower behavioral health practices with configurable and comprehensive EHR capabilities. From assessment tools and electronic billing to real-time reporting and mobile capabilities, CredibleBH streamlines clinical operations, improves collaboration and care delivery and enhances flexibility and accessibility. 

By leveraging these specifications, healthcare providers can optimize their workflows, improve patient care, and ensure compliance with industry standards. In addition, CredibleBH’s commitment to innovation and user-friendly solutions makes it a valuable partner for behavioral health practices seeking to drive success in their product development and enhance the overall well-being of their patients.